Executive Committee


Phyllis A. Moore

Southern Regional Director

As a legacy of Iota Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. Soror Moore became a member in the spring of 2000 when her aunt shared information about the sorority and invited her to a chapter program. She has served in numerous chapter leadership positions to include Secretary, 2nd Vice President, Vice President and Chapter President. She served as Assistant Regional Director prior to serving as Regional Director. She has served on various committees, at the regional and national level. She notes her favorite sorority moments are times spent with sorors, working on programs, laughing and having fun. She is a native Knoxvillan, first generation high school and college graduate. She has been at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, for 26+ years where she serves as Director of Alumni Programs, responsible for continuing education programs, reunions, and working with special interest and diversity councils.   

Didi S. Boynton

Southern Regional Assistant Director

I was initiated into the Gamma Alpha Chapter (Miami, FL) on November 9, 2002, with five terrific women.  My seventeen years have consisted of serving as Chapter President, Vice President, Secretary, Journalist, Dean of Intake and Parliamentarian. I have also served on numerous regional committees, as the Southern Regional Journalist and now Assistant Regional Director.  My most memorable moment in Iota happened during a Regional Conference hosted in Miami. I provided a platform for our now past National President Charlotte Maull to be interviewed on live radio. It was such an exciting moment for her and my pleasure to be of service to Iota.


Erma Brathwaite-LaMotta
Southern Regional Secretary 

Brenda T. Levine
Southern Regional Treasurer 

Greetings I’m Brenda T. Levine the Southern Regional Treasurer. I was inducted into this illustrious sisterhood on March 4, 2004 at Delta Chapter in Atlanta, GA. Over the years I’ve served locally in various roles such as 2nd VP, 1st VP and Interim Dean of Intake. Currently, I serve as Delta Chapter President. In addition to various committees on the Local, Regional and National levels. My most memorable Iota moment was attending my first 80th National Convention in Houston, TX. Seeing a sea of Business and Professional women was fuel to my fire. Having breakfast with the PNOC was great. But the White Rose Queens granting our photo request was priceless. The humility and time spent with us made that experience priceless.


Michelle Greene

Southern Regional Journalist 

Soror Greene was initiated into Mu Chapter, in Montgomery, AL., where she served as Chapter Journalist, Webmaster, 1st Vice President, President and held several committee chairs.   Soror Greene has also served on committees on the Regional and National levels.  One of her best memory was serving on the First Timer Chair and working with the First Timers getting them prepared to perform.  The sorors and I had so much fun laughing and trying to get the routine right.  When it was time to make our grand entrance, it was smooth sailing all the way through.